Utility Contracting

Utility Contracting

Our Utility Contracting Services include fiber optic engineering design and implementation. We can provide trenching & boring services for water, fiber and power duct as well as outside plant, aerial and burial fiber plant, fiber splicing, fiber troubleshooting and emergency work. 

Directional Boring & Trenching

What is it?

Directional Boring is a steerable trenchless method where we install conduits, underground pipes, or cables underground. This has minimal impact on the surrounding area and minimizes environmental disruption. 

Trenching is a simple excavation technique. A trench is usually dug from above in a path that is deeper than it is wide. While you could dig a basic trench with a shovel, on construction sites they typically use a trencher. Trenches vary widely in size, some of them only 18 inches deep while others can be 60 inches.

When Should it be Used?

Directional boring can be the solution you need for a job involving landscaped yards or another area where it is important to minimize the damage to the ground. If digging a large trench through the area sounds like a bad idea, directional boring may be the best option.

Trenching is a great solution when it doesn’t matter if the ground is disturbed. It needs to be an open area without underground utilities nearby to worry about. They commonly use this technique for laying pipes or cables.

What Are You Hiding?

We can trench and bore for a variety of conduits including water, gas, fiber, power, phone lines and all inner ducts up to 12″. If you have something else you are looking to put underground or in the sky. 




Aerial Plants

Buried Plants

Emergency Work

Fiber Splicing

What is it?

Fiber optic splicing involves joining two fiber optic cables together. This is a preferred solution when an available fiber cable is not sufficiently long for the required run. Besides, fiber optic splicing is designed to restore fiber optic cables. In case they are accidentally broken.

All Fiber Splicing done by 906 Technologies is performed by our Certified Fiber Optic Technicians.