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906 Technologies

About Us

Your Technology Leader

906 Technologies was founded in 2005 with the intent to provide Upper Peninsula businesses and residents high end technology services that create an economic value for our communities and over the 2 decades we have gained a distinct reputation and performance record for doing just that.

We are now recognized as a Technology leader across the Upper Peninsula. We establish trust in our partnerships by delivering responsible proactive services at a reasonable price. 906 Technologies operates with integrity and a high level of customer communication to ensure our partners technology needs are being met with every decision we make.

We not only address today’s technology needs but are forward looking, ensuring our partners remain operational with advanced backup solutions and protection from outside threats. We are a diverse technology company that understands the importance of our role within our partners organizations, this responsibility is something we do not take lightly.

We strive to understand our client’s objectives so that we can be a valuable member of their administrative team. We do this by encouraging communication, investing in our employee’s skill sets, and understanding that we are a service business. Ultimately, our partners can feel confident in knowing that their organizations technology operations and performance is comprehensively managed.

Every day we put our names on the line; operating in and supporting some of Upper Peninsulas largest businesses engineering and deploying the most advanced and secured networks available in today’s market, we have the executive and senior level technical experience across many industries and the confidence to make recommendations that suit the best interest of our clients.

Employee Recruitment & Retention

With new Human Resources advancements, we are ensuring potential and existing team members are vested in the success of our company, our customers and our community.

Our employees and their families are considered first in every decision we make. Their wellbeing is our leading concern. We are attentive to our employees changing circumstances, supportive of personal goals and are understanding of the balance between work and family.

Our Statement of Mission & Integrity

906 Technologies will always work with the intent to provide Upper Peninsula businesses and it’s residents the highest and most advanced technology services that creates economic value for the communities we serve. Through our Technical expertise, ethical practices and community investments, we stive to be recognized as a Technology leader across the Upper Peninsula and throughout the country.

We are an honest, respected and conscientious partner with the steadfast belief that everyday we can make a difference. Our partner contracts establish trusted relationships and we will always look out for their best interests. We will make investments as necessary to ensure our customers are receiving the most advanced technology services. We will be fiscally responsible but will never sacrifice high quality over a higher cost.