IT Services Department

IT infrastructure plays a major role in the success of your business. With our Managed IT Services , you have someone who knows your business, your goals and finds new ways to help you succeed.


We are your Wireless and Fiber-Optic Internet Provider in the Marquette County area. We are committed to providing high-speed internet  to urban and rural areas in the U.P.


Whether you need a website, mobile app, or custom business software, our highly skilled team of web and software developers and designers work with you to find the best possible solution for your business.


You use your computer for work, home, email browsing, chatting, and for much more. Our professionally trained computer specialists provide efficient and meticulous on-site repair services for laptops and computers. 



Boring & Trenching

906 Technologies has added directional boring & trenching to our list of services! We can now install conduit under obstacles such as roads, buildings, and wetlands. Conduits for water, sewer, fiber, electric and gas can be installed under very busy intersections without disruption of traffic.

High-Speed Internet

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As we continue to expand our high speed internet and wireless internet locations they will be updated here on our website!

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About Us

At 906 Technologies, we’re not only your local computer specialists. Our IT Technicians are on construction sites across the UP setting up full IT Solutions. We’re working with contractors, pre-construction, designing custom IT infrastructure. We’re on the job site running and splicing fiber optics and phone systems, installing security and surveillance systems and we’re back after the build, getting secure wireless systems up and running.

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Our Partners

The partners we choose to work with reflect on our dedication to ensure that your internet, networks, security systems, and infrastructure will compete with any other products on the market today.

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Recent Jobs in our Community

We work hard to make sure that our local businesses and new development projects in our community receive the best in high-speed internet, network security, web development and more. Keep up to date with the link below for our most recent project descriptions.