Caregiver Incentive Project

Web Design | Branding | Content Creation

The Caregivers Incentive Project is a non-profit that would help to end the shortage of in-home caregivers in our area. We worked with them to create an online brand to bring awareness of their mission to our community.


This immediately turned into a full-on branding project. We designed a logo and started printing it on everything we could: business cards, rack cards, envelopes, stationery, stickers, banners, and shirts. Running parallel to the branding, the website was being developed; we managed their social media account and photographed events. By working with other local businesses, we tried our hardest to make 906 Technologies a one stop shop for all of their needs.

Summary & Results

The final result was a fully responsive website that accepted donations and informed visitors of the organization’s purpose. A solid brand was established, social media was engaging, and the first fundraiser was a real success.

Key Features

  • Online Donations
  • Recurring Donations Feature
  • E-Commerce Store