Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Our web hosting plans are hassle-free and diverse to cater to the needs of any start-up or established business. We offer plans featuring complete solutions that cater from businesses to small blogs, and come equipped with speed, reliable backup, scalability, and automatic updates.

Managed WordPress Hosting (Most Popular)

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Local Phone Support
  • Local Email Support
  • Automatic Plugin and WordPress Core Updates

     $28 Per Month

Basic Hosting

  • 1500 MB Storage
  • 5 GB Bandwidth Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Local Phone Support
  • Local Email Support
  • Automatic Plugin and WordPress Core Updates

$26 Per Month

Advanced Hosting

  • 2500 MB Storage
  • 10 GB Bandwidth Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Local Phone Support
  • Local Email Support
  • Automatic Plugin and WordPress Core Updates

$36 Per Month

Premium Hosting

  • 7500 MB Storage
  • 25 GB Bandwidth Monthly
  • Weekly Backups
  • Local Phone Support
  • Local Email Support
  • Automatic Plugin and WordPress Core Updates

$57 Per Month

Transferring Your Website

Are you considering hosting with 906 Technologies? Transferring your website to our servers is easy and FREE!  Not only will we make the transition smooth and painless, we will also;

  • Reconfigure your site for staging environment
  • Update of all your plugins and underlying software, where possible
  • Compress all images, where possible
  • Compress and minify all code, where possible
  • Thoroughly test your system to ensure migration success

Additional Web Services

Custom Email Accounts

Premium Account
$5 per month per account

Exchange Account
$13 per month per account

Custom Boosting Options

Space Boost
$5 per month per 5GB of disk space

Bandwidth Boost
$11 per month  per 10GB of disk space

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it mean to be an IT Managed Service Provider?  
A. Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

Q. Do you have to be licensed to install low voltage cabling and are you?  
A. At 906 Technologies, we are Hubbell Mission Critical certified for low voltage installations. It’s just as important to be insured as it is to be licensed, because not every accident incurred is covered by a homeowner’s policy and a mistake could get costly. Most importantly, though, we constantly train our experienced staff and strive safety first.

Q. What are the benefits of managed IT services?  
A. The main benefits of managed IT services are peace of mind and lower overall technology costs. Peace of mind because you know that your data is secure from 99% of cyberattacks (there’s no such thing as 100% security) and because you can call for IT support any time you need it. The lower overall costs often surprise business leaders who don’t realize that data breaches, non-compliance, and business downtime are costly. When it comes to managed IT services, an ounce of prevention is more cost-effective than a pound of cure. 

Q. How often do you come onsite?  
A. We come to your office for prescheduled onsite maintenance, projects, emergency response, strategic advisory meetings, and any other client meetings. If it is more convenient, you are welcome to come to our office for any meeting. 
A. We come to your office for prescheduled onsite maintenance, projects, emergency response, strategic advisory meetings, and any other client meetings. If it is more convenient, you are welcome to come to our office for any meeting. 

Q. How fast are your internet speeds?
A. Our Internet speed depends heavily on the location and geography of your home. Speeds can range from 25mbps up to 1gbps. Call today for a free assessment. (906)226-2906. 

Q. How do I find out if I can get internet at my location?
A. The easiest way to find out if we can provide internet to your location is to call us at (906) 226-2906. We will schedule a time for a technician to come to your location to perform a free assessment to see what it will take to get internet access into your home.  

Q.What is Fiber Internet?
Fiber Internet is Internet access delivered over fiber-optic cables, rather than the copper wire of broadband connections or the wireless signals of satellite connections. Fiber Internet access is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in cities and locales throughout the country, providing businesses with high-speed Internet alternative to broadband and satellite Internet connectivity.  

Q. What is fiber Internet’s advantages over cable and satellite?
A.No electrical current flows through a fiber Internet cable, making fiber far more resistant to fire hazards and electromagnetic interference. Because copper is a soft metal, it is more susceptible to pressure and may break more easily than harder fiber cables. And data sent over fiber Internet cables can travel much farther without loss of signal than data sent over copper. When compared to satellite signals, fiber Internet offers greater reliability, as satellite signals can be affected by weather conditions. And like copper, satellite signals may be highly affected by electromagnetic interference. 

Q. Do I have to sign a contract with 906 Technologies to get internet?
A. No. 906 Technologies does not lock you down into a contract. We do have additional fees for certain equipment and installation fees, but you are free to come and go with us as you please.  

Q. Can you show us examples of your work?  
A. We are proud of the work we did for our customers. We design and build websites, develop customer-oriented applications and create animations to increase the conversion rate of your website or app. To view examples of what we have done, visit our portfolio page at https://906technologies.com/projects 

Q. When my website is done, will I be able to make updates on my own?  
A. Absolutely. 99% of the websites that we develop are built on WordPress. If your intent is to make updates on your own, we will provide training to do so once your website is completed. You can come into our office and walk through the backend in person, or we can create video tutorials for you to reference whenever you need to access them.  

Q. How much does a website cost?  
A. That’s a pretty loaded question. Every website is different. The easiest way for us to give you an estimate is to fill out our client worksheet. This helps us better understand what you are looking for as well as how big and complex the site will be. Fill out the client worksheet to get started today.  

Q. Do you outsource your website and mobile app development?  
A. Absolutely notAll our developers are 906 Technologies employees. We are 100% onshore development company 

Q. Do you repair mobile phones?
A. Currently, 906 Technologies does not repair mobile devices. However, we can help you to set up your mobile devices and help you learn the basics of using most mobile products. If you are in need of repair for a mobile device, we can help you find a repair service to fit your needs. 

Q. How long does it take to fix my computer.
A. We work on a first come first serve basis, however most repairs take 2-3 days to complete. There are situations where the repairs may take longer such as when parts must be ordered. We strive to only use high quality, often original equipment replacement parts and not use cheap, knock-off, low quality parts that will only fail in a short amount of time. These parts are not always readily available, especially for older computers so it may take some time to source the proper replacement parts.  

Q. How much will it cost to repair my computer?
A. This is tough to answer until we have had a chance to fully evaluate the issues you are having with your computer and what it will take to bring it back to full working order. During our free initial consultation with you, we will take the time to ask you about the problems you are currently experiencing with your computer and what you expect to happen, then make an initial assessment of what needs to be done to make sure your computer performs as you expect it to and present you with an estimate of what the repair cost will be. There are rare times when the final invoice may be slightly higher due to unforeseen issues that surface during repairs, but we will always contact you to authorize the additional charges prior to performing the additional work.  

Q. Should I just buy a new computer?
A. Part of the free initial consultation is to determine the best options for you and your computer needs. Sometimes, upgrading to a new computer system is the best option for you, and Techguy911 will be there to help make that upgrade process the best experience for you.   

Q. Will I lose any of my documents, pictures or other data when you repair my computer?
A. The protection of your data is our priority. As long as your hard drive and data integrity are still in good shape, we always begin every service with a complete backup of your system and data. If there is a problem with the data on your system, we will notify you of the problem and discuss the options you have going forward. 

Q. How did my computer get a virus?
A. Currently, there are over 150,000 new forms of viruses and malware released every single day. The most common ways they get into your system are through downloads of software from illegal download sites, vulnerabilities in your currently installed software, clicking on malicious links in emails or visiting a compromised website, even legitimate well-known websites.

Q. How can I prevent my computer from getting infected in the future?
A. The best way to protect your computer include:

  • Running a high-quality virus/malware protection solution 
  • Run as a standard user and not as an administrator. 
  • Ultimately, it comes down to the behavior of the users of the computer while surfing the Internet.  
  • Ensure you are running behind both a software and a hardware firewall. 
  • Keeping all of your installed software updated 
  • Never clicking on links in emails unless you are sure you know the origins of the message. 

Q. Do you repair Macintosh computers?
A. 906 Technologies specializes in the repair of Microsoft Windows based PC’s only. Currently, there are no plans to include Macintosh services.  

Q. Is the cloud secure?
A.Physical resources reside in secure facilities, with independent auditing practices followed by the 906 Technologies. Data is encrypted and we do not have access to those encryption keys. You (the account holder) manage access through user identities and access policies.  Security responsibilities are shared between the cloud provider and its customers. 

Q. Can I work with Private Health Information (PHI) on the cloud?
AYes. Because HIPAA compliance is such an important topic, we encourage you to consult with us and connect with other research teams in working out implementation details.