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Easy Ways to Increase Mobile Security

Easy Ways to Increase Security on your iPhone & iPad There are a lot of new security and privacy features that you might have heard about. Here is how you can take advantage of them and secure your device. 1. Make hacking more difficult by turning on USB Restricted Mode. This feature is hard to […]

Removing Malware from your Android

Tips to removing Android malware from your device. Although the screening process for Android apps by Google is pretty safe, sometimes infected apps can still occur. Security and antivirus apps are great, but there is a chance that your phone has already been infected. If your device suddenly becomes slow, using more data than usual, […]

When to update your Apple Phone?

Why should I update? So the latest version of iOS or Android is available to download, but why should you update if these companies admit that they deliberately slow down older phones? You might be asking yourself, what are the pros and cons to updating? Will the latest version destroy your phones battery, and what […]