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Why is 906 Technologies for you?

Do you want to win faster?

We have problem/solution based approaches backed by years of success along with experienced developers who are easy to reach and work with. 906 Technologies offers fast engagement and accurate estimating. We value timelines, ongoing client updates and clear communication.

We offer higher quality & Even higher value.

Our skilled software team is part of a larger IT technology company. We create software that fully embraces your IT technology, software in place, mobile applications and enterprise structure. We also develop fast and efficiently, which, in the long run, saves you time and money.

Your "UP" Competitive Advantage.

Our headquarters location in Michigan’s awesome Upper Peninsula attracts great high-tech people who treasure living and working here. In the 906 area code, our honesty, trustworthiness, and big-time talent combine to deliver extraordinary software services at an affordable cost.


  • Diagnostics & Planning
  • Problem/Solution Validation
  • Software Innovation
  • Software Development
  • Testing & Assurance
  • System Integration
  • Staff Augmentation

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Human Resources

Maximize Software for HR

Our software can collect and organize all the information you gather throughout an employee life cycle, and then helps you use it to achieve great things. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, you should have the tools and insights to focus on your most important asset—your people.

Time-Off Requests

  • Employees can submit flexible time-off requests using an intuitive calendar interface.
  • Management is able to accept and deny requests, accept requests with amendments, and set areas of time where no requests may be placed; or minimum lead times for a request.

Employee Licenses and Certifications

  • Store all important employee documents and resources in one location
  • Send and receive notifications when renewals are approaching

Company Policies

  • Onboard new employees quicker by providing up-to-date company policies and resources in one location.
  • Create a central go-to repository for employees to save time answering questions and seeking documents.

Employee Directory

  • Maintain up-to-date records for employee contact information and role information.
  • Employees can update their own personal information as needed, saving forms and time in the HR office.

Employee Evaluations

  • Build and update evaluation forms specific to your company and divisions using a robust form builder
  • Managers of a division can make edits to the same evaluation for an employee, encouraging a collaborative process
  • Employees are able to submit a self-assessment with their own thoughts
  • Responses and data entered in previous evaluations can be imported directly into the current evaluation to save time

Success Stories: Theralead

Theralead is high quality and affordable therapy EMR solution that provides multidiscipline, multi setting, electronic medical record, compliance and scheduling system that improves patient care, increases caseloads, enhances therapy and physician engagement, limits hospital liability, ensures compliance and greatly improves revenue integrity.

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Maximize Software for Grocery

With our grocery software solutions, your day-to-day store and back office processes will running smoothly with seamless automation, data integration and more streamlined financial procedures. Our expert developers provide years of industry-specific experience to help get your items off the shelf efficiently.

  • Product Database Management
  • Edit global and ad-specific product information
  • Create and edit ads
  • Customize ad items
  • Print and export ad order sheets for all departments
  • Import data from client’s POS system
  • Generate sales reports for individual or multiple locations by ad week, department, product type, and UPC.

Success Stories: Econo Foods

Every week, a six-page ad consisting of a hand-picked list of products was created at Econo Foods’ main office and sent to individual stores where it was customized and printed for customers. A Microsoft Access-based application had been utilized to keep track of products featured in ads, however it hadn’t been maintained and didn’t meet the needs of the client anymore. Visual design of ads had been determined through continuous communication between the main office, individual stores, and their printing company. The process was unnecessarily tedious and time consuming for the client.

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Maximize Software for Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing software allows you to manage your resources effectively. Processes run through a single central system for a complete overview of your planning, inventory management, sales, finance and people management.

Software allows you to specifically streamline your manufacturing processes. These manufacturing systems identify inefficiencies in a supply chain and provide data that can be analyzed to implement better solutions. Together these offer an all-in-one solution for your organization.

  • Reduce Waste
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve your overall processes
  • Use client history to predict needs and services
  • Receive Online Payments
  • Manage client requests

Success Stories: Hamilton’s Propane

Hamilton’s Propane needed a software solution that would improve their customer relationship. With the help of 906 Technologies, they now have a software system with predictive re-ordering recommendations, an improved and more accurate POS system, and move to a completely paperless system.

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