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About Zonetap

Zonetap creates safer worksites with highly accurate, location-based wearable technology that protects workers from dangerous situations. The company manufactures electronic signaling devices that are embedded in helmets, vests and belts to send alerts to on-the-ground workers based on their proximity to heavy machinery or zonedoff areas of job sites. The technology is built around an API and server backend that collects the location of multiple connected devices and provides aggregate location data to any application using their API.  

The Challenge

Zonetap’s system originally used smartphones to deliver their worker safety product, but they proved too inaccurate and unreliable. iOS and Android were throttling the applications in the background due to increasingly strict background hardware usage policies to improve the phones’ battery life. 906 Technologies was charged with finding a simplermore dependable solution. 

Our Simplified Solution

Working with Zonetap, 906 first pushed the limits of location performance functionality offered by smartphonesUnfortunately, more hardware and software limitations were uncoveredThe 906 solution was to innovate through the application of dedicated location hardware. Together with Zonetap we developed a series of prototype units that use ultra-high fidelity location sensors connected directly through custom hardware to their API and server backend.  

Part 1: Sensors & Wearables

First we created two separate sensors. One is placed in the cab of every on-site vehicle to track secondbysecond movement. The second sensorknown as 2ND-SKN, is worn by employees to alert them when they’re in the path of trucks or heavy machinery. 
The sensor can also alert supervisors if a worker is not moving, has fallen, is too close to equipment, and more. Compared to the GPS/GNSS solutions, which were only accurate up to 3 meters, our sensors are accurate within 1.4 centimeters and work both indoors and outdoorsin rain or shine.

Part 2: Custom Software

Next 906 customized the software to allow users to program settings based on their particular industryWith this advanced software feature, Zonetap could now view workers in real time through a private website portal and identify and protect both human and capital assets.

Current Status

Multiple companies are now conducting field studies to explore the capabilities of this system for improving safety and accountability on industrial job sites. We are currently designing a marketready device and preparing to manufacturing it at scale for Zonetap’s clients. 

Key Product Features

Radar View
A radarlike view allows equipment operators to see everyone around them, even if when there is no direct line of sight.

Incident Playback
Play back step-by-step location data points of accidents. Replaying the event with precision informs improvements for better worksite policies.

Policy Enforcer
Create virtual policies to reflect worksite rules. Set “no trespassing” zones or “no pass” zones on the website, enforcing safety policies. 

How it Works

Step 1

Place sensor on vehicle/machinery and workers.

Step 2

Setup static and mobile safety zones.

Step 3

Activate sensors and manage worksite via software private portal.

Skillsets Involved

  • Research and develop hardware/firmware systems 
  • Integrate existing offtheshelf hardware at a low level 
  • Rapidly prototype to demonstrate proofs of concept 
  • Develop cross-domain hardware, firmware, and customized software 
  • Commercialize a product(s) 
  • Coordinate testing with multiple clients/partners 
  • GNSS and RTK technologies 
  • LTE, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and Bluetooth integrations 
  • Hardware optimization challenges 

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