Upper Peninsula Power Company

UPPCO is a utility company that provides electric power to ten counties in central and western portions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Business Challenges

Due to the nature of their geographical location, power outages in remote areas, for all providers, is a fairly regular occurrence. Advertising this information to their customer base can be crucial in times of mass outages.


The Solution

Existing outage map services exist, but they often rely on a specific GIS format, restricting what types of data can be used. Working with UPPCO and their data engineers, we took their advanced custom data provided by the power stations. From that data, we were able to gather geographical location information capable of integrating with Google maps to present on their website.

Key Features

√ Service area boundaries through a geographic polygon database

√ Intuitive magnitude key for determining size of outages

Key Benefits

√ Real-time data reporting
√ Familiar google maps interface
√ Quickly integrated into their custom website

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