UPRSoft is a company specializing in business management software for recreational rental companies. Their software handles reservation scheduling, inventory management across multiple locations, customer billing, as well as maintenance and service requests of inventory.

Business Challenges

Keeping track of your inventory as a rental company is hard enough for one location, but trying to manage everything for multiple locations across the state, or even the country is nearly impossible. UPRSoft needed custom business software that could efficiently manage rental inventory fleets across multiple service locations and multiple forms of recreation online.

UP Rentals
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The Solution

We developed a software that provides a web application to guide customers and employees through making and paying for rental reservations of all equipment and accessories. All information from these reservations is then used to track inventory and forecast equipment needs for every rental location into the future, which is then presented in a way that allows managers to easily coordinate operations.

Key Features

√ Online and POS sales management

√ Inventory tracking

√ Reservation tracking

√ Multiple location support

√ Category support

√ Online payment processing

√ Sales and commission auditing

√ Custom landing page for each location

Final Results

The final result was a marketable product that offers total management of a rental operation through one lightweight and simple to use application. Clients can now reserve equipment online at multiple locations, easily sort through products, and view when and where equipment is available.

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