UP Rehab – Care Aware

UP Rehab: Care Aware

UP Rehab is a locally owned and operated company that works with all facets of in-patient and out-patient therapy services, such as, scheduling, payment, and therapy services. They started in 2005 and have been rapidly expanding their operations to new locations and specialty services.

Business Challenges

Healthcare is a challenging industry and for smaller businesses the overhead and risks can be quite daunting. With advances in technology the industry needed to move from an antiquated paper system to new EHR systems (Electronic Health Record) for quality of service, privacy, and efficiency.

While an EHR system should be purely beneficial in theory, rolling a generic solution out into a business’s operation is often met with many complications. The most common complaint, from those actively treating patients is how it inhibits their ability to engage with the patient and how that may negatively impact patient care.

UP Rehab knew that they needed a customizable software that would make the transfer from paper to EHR user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, so they reached out to us to help them create the software that fit their company needs.


The Solution

Step 1: Learn the Industry

The first step of the project involved partnering closely with the UP Rehab staff to learn both the industry and all the nuances to the various roles of the company: administrators, billing specialists, compliance staff, clerical workers, and therapists. With a firm grasp on the requirements we crafted the core of the system and then consulted with individual staff members at UP Rehab to make sure it continued to meet their needs.

Step 2: Engage Physicians

Looking back at major EHR complaints and forward at interoperability initiatives, a secondary goal of “the system” was to engage physicians. A common problem for a clinic is access to documentation. Currently most offices must physically fax and sign documents back and forth between therapy providers. This creates a stopgap in treatment and can inhibit a patient’s care. A special physician dashboard was created for this purpose, alleviating the time consuming and cumbersome relay of paper.

Step 3: Evolve

As UP Rehab has grown over the years of the EHR development, so have the requirements of the system. New external partners (hospitals) and evolving insurance standards, have required modifications that were unforeseeable when the project started. We worked with UP Rehab every step of the way and continue to provide support to their EHR system. Where some companies would have struggled to quickly adapt and used canned solutions, we were able to quickly modify the system preventing UP Rehab staff from being stuck with workarounds.

Step 4: Keep it Flexible

While the goal was to create something that works exceptionally well for UP Rehab, while also keeping the EHR system flexible for other therapy providers, large and small. With the exception of custom bill mapping, the EHR system is a complete solution for registering patients, scheduling appointments, logging documentation, tracking signatures, tracking benefits, and billing.

Key Benefits

Ease of Customizability

  • Documentation, reporting, scheduler color scheme, and layout

Future Growth

  • The industry and partners are rapidly changing and we’re capable of matching that pace


  • Having a knowledgeable staff who has worked with the system from the ground up leads to fast and thorough assistance.

Key Features

Appointment Scheduler

  • Ability to schedule appointments for multiple locations
  • Calendar integration with patient progress to ensure they stay within their insurance benefits and have regular milestones

Billing Integration

  • Complex payor configuration to comply with their individual requirements for tracking patient benefits
  • Simple billing entry interface for users
  • Invoice reporting crafted to support the different hospital systems
    • Advanced billing integration with larger existing EHR systems for automated billing capabilities


  • Ability to schedule appointments for multiple locations
  • Calendar integration with patient progress to ensure they stay within their insurance benefits and have regular milestones

Physician User Portal

Custom Exercise Programs

  • A company wide database of exercises organized into programs for assignment to patients

Custom Dashboard Reporting

  • Makes use of a task driven system, per role and individual, to ensure items go unmissed

Form Builder

  • Advanced form builder for customizable forms that requires no additional coding or external support
  • Ability to tag form questions and responses for advanced reporting and data processing capable of driving workflow


  • Custom reporting for their needs along with tools for merging payroll data from the other hospital systems

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