Uniting Three Fires

Uniting Three Fires

Customer Overview

Uniting Three Fires Against Violence is a statewide tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalition serving the Tribes located in Michigan. Their mission is to support Michigan Tribes by promoting the social change necessary to address the disproportionate rates of violence impacting our communities.


Needs and Goals

Uniting three fires did have a website, but the information was outdated, non-responsive, and difficult to navigate. They wanted to develop a new site using WordPress so that they could easily manage the site on their own. One of the main features that needed to be implemented was a “Leave” button that would allow the user to quickly exit the website in case they are being approached by an abuser.

Our Solution

Our software team worked with the Uniting Three Fires team to gather relevant content and images. The website now lists services, contact information for 12 tribal communities, membership information, calendar of events, and other resources including a newsletter, statistics, and The Seven Grandfather Teachings. Individuals can now easily navigate to social media from the website as well.

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Summary & Results

The final website has a clean look with smooth animations. Their logo, which is prominent throughout the site, is a strong call to action. The “Leave” button is on the main navigation while scrolling, which allows users to exit immediately if necessary. Overall the site is a great representation of what Uniting Three Fires are all about.

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