The Craving Experiment

The Craving Experiment

Customer Overview

The Addiction Education Society provides public education, information, and resources on issues relating to substance addiction and its impact on individual lives and families. The goal is to educate our communities that addiction is a disease.

The Craving Experiment is an educational tool developed for the Addiction Education Society where students are asked to forfeit a pleasurable habit for a span of time and record their craving feelings, successes, and failures across four teacher-selected dates. At the conclusion of the experiment, students complete a reflection by looking back on their time of participation.

Business Challenges

As of 2018, experiments have been carried out on paper with teachers having to collect submissions, keep track of attendance, organize data, and calculate statistics manually. In addition to being time-consuming and error-prone, this labor-intensive process has made it impractical to combine all the data collected across different experiments to generate coarse-grained statistics at school, district, and state level.

"Thank you 906 Technologies. Murat you are the Best!!!!

- The Craving Experiment Team Member Dan"

The Solution

We developed a system consisting of a WordPress-based dashboard for teachers to manage experiments, and a hybrid mobile app powered by React Native framework for students to make submissions. Both teacher and student processes have been carefully streamlined in collaboration with the client to allow swift completion of tasks through straightforward user interfaces.

Key Features

  • Ability to register as a teacher and create new experiments: accepting enrollments in a couple of minutes
  • Keeping track of enrollments and submissions in real-time
  • Printing overviews of experiments with submission information
  • Generating custom visuals illustrating trends about attendance and submissions.
  • Ability to take part in experiments through Android and iOS apps
  • Secure enrollment and submissions via userless authentication
  • Reminders for on-time and late submissions via push notifications
  • Printing experiment reports or sharing with other apps

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