State of Michigan

State of Michigan

Front-end and full-stack development support

For six years we have been supporting the State of Michigan in front-end design and full-stack development across multiple public facing and internal web applications. Working with many agencies, 906 Technologies has helped bring a variety of applications to life, helping to enrich Michigan’s web experience for citizens and focusing on accessibility and ease of use.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

We worked with a team comprised of State of Michigan employees to create a stand-alone map component for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, allowing them to quickly and easily add vibrant maps to their websites.

Transportation Asset Management
Council Dashboards (TAMCD)

The dashboards that we helped develop on the TAMCD website show the condition, operation, and investment in Michigan’s public road system. Pavement condition information is based on paved surface ratings for state highways as well as roads under the jurisdiction of Michigan’s counties, cities and villages.

TAMC Interactive Map

The asset management tool for the TAMC road and bridges projects allows local jurisdictions to upload road ratings.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Search Feature

We helped rewrite an existing application for the Michigan DNR website that would list recreation opportunities in Michigan.

Other State of Michigan Departments
We’ve Worked With

Related Projects

Uniting Three Fires

Uniting Three Fires Against Violence is a statewide tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalition serving the Tribes located in Michigan. Their mission is to support Michigan Tribes by promoting the social change necessary to address the disproportionate rates of violence impacting our communities.


Perform4Life was built in 2018 and is a brand-new wellness center with a fully functioning gym. They needed a website as soon as possible to start building memberships.

R Place Rentals

R Place Rentals is small rental company startup that purchases luxury cabins and homes and turns them into a real destination spot for vacationers looking for a little adventure.

Maple Ridge Resort

Maple Ridge Resort has been welcoming guests for generations in clean and comfortable accommodations with an abundance of nature to see and explore.

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