R Place Rentals

R Place Rentals

Customer Overview

R Place Rentals is a small rental company that purchases cabins and homes and turns them into a real destination spot for vacationers looking for a little adventure. While fixing up their first property, they came to 906 Technologies to help get them on the map.

Needs and Goals

In the early stages of this project, R Place Rentals was only a single property, but eager to grow. They needed a website that would allow for expansion as they bought more and more properties. Often working on the road, they were also looking for a booking system that would let them manage their locations easily while they worked remotely.

One challenge we faced was the remoteness of their first property. Because of its location about 30 miles north of Marquette, MI, we needed to highlight the “getting away from it all” feeling while also promoting the historical town of Big Bay and all the outdoor activities in the area.

The Solution

The final result was a stunning, mobile responsive website with a custom booking system that met all of R Place Rental’s needs. The custom photography and logo help the company come across as professional and established, which is essential when posting a rental service outside the comforts of websites like AirBnB.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Offer special pricing for groups, days, or individuals
  • Show availability in the custom bookings calendar
  • Never get double-booked
  • Offer refunds online
  • Split day booking for check-in/check-out
  • Save time and effort by letting customers book at their convenience
  • Ideal for property management to be done remotely
  • Ability to handle an unlimited amount of properties as they continue to grow

Additional Services Provided

Custom Photography

County Road 550, the road to R Place rentals, is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. It’s packed with rivers and lakes, miles of hiking and biking trails, and breath-taking scenic overlooks. This is what we used to capture the beauty of the area and highlight all it has to offer. Our in-house photographer spent a day exploring these areas and taking photos that we used throughout the website.


R Place Rentals also needed a brand-new logo. They wanted something that would highlight the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the properties  they were planning to acquire. After doing some research, our designer presented several different options and made alterations until we came to a look and feel that they were hoping for.

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