Marquette Township

Marquette Township

Customer Overview

The Marquette Charter Township website was built around highlighting the unique blends of urban and rural lifestyles, while showcasing opportunities for a wide variety of cultural, recreational, entertainment, commercial, and educational pursuits.


Needs and Goals

The goal for was to have a community page that could be maintained by their employees. Building on a Content Management System like WordPress was very important as well as a clean design that could be easily navigated.

Our Solution

Our solution was to develop their new site on WordPress and train in their employees so the site could be maintained easily by their employees. A simple but easy-to-navigate site was mandatory to keep the site up to date.


Summary & Results

Their new website met all of their expectations. It’s clean, easy to navigate, mobile responsive, and easy for the staff to maintain. Our software team provided WordPress training for Marquette Township employees. Overall, the site does a great job providing the resources that viewers need to live, work, and play in Marquette Township.

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