Great Start

Great Start

Customer Overview

Great Start Collaborative is an organization that works together with schools and parents in Upper Michigan. They provide families with information, create a supportive network, and provide the chance to make a difference in Delta and Schoolcraft counties to ensure all children enter kindergarten safe, ready, and eager to learn.

Needs and Goals

Great Start wanted to easily update their website themselves, so we chose to develop using WordPress, a content management system. They needed to provide information on childhood development at many stages, link to age-screening tools, provide information about free pre-school, and much more. The site needed to be responsive and mobile friendly, as well as ADA compliant to insure that the site would be accessible for people with disabilities.

Our Solution

Being that this is a larger site, mockups were needed for almost every page. Most of the images we used are stock photographs. The childhood development page features in-depth content beginning with prenatal care and extending through infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and finally, school-aged children. Links are provided for age-screening tools to make sure your child is developmentally on track with communication, motor skills, problem solving, and personal social skills.

Summary & Results

The final results were a fully-responsive and informational website. It provides parents, with children of all ages, the tools they need to raise a family and learn about local education opportunities. It includes a community calendar and resources for finding childcare and even free pre-school.

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