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About Tadych's Econo Foods

Tadych’s Econo Foods is a small chain of full-service grocery stores with three locations in Upper Michigan and three locations in Wisconsin. The 50+-year-old company has worked hard to keep up with changing technology and the demand for perimeter departments such as banking facilities, floral, in-store bakeries and more.  

The Challenge

Econo Foods’ main office creates weekly six-page ad featuring hand-picked products. The ad is posted on their website and the Mining JournalEach week the ad layout was sent to individual stores to offer input and confirm or change product selections, then the information was put into final layout format, customized by store, and outsourced for printing. The process of designing the ad and confirming product selection for each page required time-intensive communication between the main office, individual stores, and the printing companyThe company was using a Microsoft Access-based application to track the products featured in ads. 906 Technologies was asked to simplify the process to save the client time and money. 

Our Simplified Solution

By collaborating with the Tadych team to find a simpler software solution, 906 Technologies determined that Econo Foods needed to replace the existing Microsoft Access application with a web-based custom software solution to serve as a central place for managing the content and layout of weekly ads. 906 designed an ad creator function with a product management system as the backbone. This flexible software solution allows Tadych to group and filter products by department and vendor. Store managers receive customized order forms based on which products they select for salesThe ad information with pagebypage layout is now provided to the printer seamlessly in their required specific format.  

The 906 Technology software solution imports data from the client’s POS system. This sales data is used in combination with the ad data to generate movement and sales history reports. Managers can now refine ad strategy and execution in all six locations, store by store, or by dates of the ads for yeartoyear reference. 

Key Product Features

  • Item management 
  • Ability to quickly develop customized ads with shared and individual pages 
  • Reporting of ad success, sales per item, per location and/or company totals 
  • Inventory management and operating tools, like custom order sheets per department and per location.  
  • Ad page visualization for precise product placement on each page, with price, description, and more 
  • Crossoperation functionality 

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