Econo Foods Ad Creator

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Customer Overview

Econo foods is locally owned chain of grocery stores with three locations in Upper Michigan and three locations in Wisconsin.

Business Challenges

Every week, a 6-page ad consisting of a hand-picked list of products is created at Econo Foods’ main office and sent to individual stores where it is customized and printed for customers. A Microsoft Access-based application has been utilized to keep track of products featured in ads, however it hasn’t been maintained and doesn’t meet needs of the client anymore. Visual design of ads has been determined through continuous communication between the main office, individual stores, and their printing company. The process has been unnecessarily tedious and time consuming for the client.

The Solution

The client needed a web-based solution to be the central place for managing content and layout of weekly ads. The solution was designed not only to replace the existing Microsoft Access application, but also to import data from the client’s POS system which –in combination with the ad data– would be used to generate movement and sales history reports.

Key Features

  • Product database management
  • Creating and editing ads
  • Editing global and ad-specific product information
  • Visual layout editor for ads
  • Customizing ads for individual store
  • Printing and exporting ad contents for warehouses
  • Importing data from client’s POS system

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