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  • High-Speed Wireless Internet

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We now specialize in both WISP (Wireless) and FISP (Fiber) in the Marquette County area. 906 Technologies recently acquired Iron Bay Computers’ internet service and are providing high-speed wireless internet to those customers. Our service area is growing in Marquette County, call us today to see if we are currently servicing your area or plan to in the future. Our local customer service team is dedicated to becoming your new ISP provider.

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Your New Internet Service Provider

906 Technologies has recently aquired Iron Bay Computers internet service and will be your new Internet Service Provider (ISP). We specialize in providing fiber-optic and high-speed wireless internet. Fiber-Optic cable can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances than traditional DSL and cable. Call us today to talk with a specialist and schedule a meeting. As your new ISP we are dedicated to providing you with the following.

  • High-speed Fiber-optic Internet

  • High-speed Wireless Internet

  • Better Customer Service

A cheaper, faster alternative.

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