Easy Ways to Increase Mobile Security

Easy Ways to Increase Security on your iPhone & iPad

There are a lot of new security and privacy features that you might have heard about. Here is how you can take advantage of them and secure your device.

1. Make hacking more difficult by turning on USB Restricted Mode.

This feature is hard to find, but prevents any accessory, like USB cables and headphones, from connecting to your device when it has been locked for more than an hour. This prevents police and hackers alike from using tools to bypass your passcode and access your data.

  • Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Type in your passcode.
  • Scroll down and make sure that USB Accessories are not permitted on the lock screen.
  • On an iPhone X, check your Face ID instead. 

2. Turn on iOS automatic Updates

Each iPhone or iPad update comes with security patches that prevent crashes or data theft. Now, iOS 12 can update your device behind the scenes, saving you the time. Just switch it on.

  • Settings>General>Software Update








3.  Create a more complicated passcode


iOS now allows you to do better than a a 4-6 digit code. You can now set a custom alphanumeric code, custom numeric code, or stick with the 4-digit numeric code.

  • Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Enter your passcode
  • Go to Change password, and select the code preference.





4. Switch on two-factor Authentication

Two-factor is a great way to keep your account safe. If someone gets your password, they still need your phone to get into your account. It can often seem annoying, but now, iOS 12 has a new feature that auto-fills the code, so it takes a little frustration out of it.

  • Settings>password & Security>Turn on two-factor authentication

5. Change your reused passwords

iOS 12’s password manager has a new feature called password auditing. If it finds you’ve used the same password on multiple sites, it will warn you and advise you to change those passwords. It prevents password reuse attacks known as “credential stuffing” that hackers use to break into multiple sites and services using the same username and password.

  • Settings>Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords
  • Enter your passcode
  • Tap “Change Password on website” button. That’s it!